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Burnside's sword honored? Good grief!

Date published: 11/27/2012

Burnside's sword honored? Good grief!

Has the world turned upside down?

This area evidently is supposed to be honored that Maj. Gen. Ambrose Everett Burnside's sword is going to be on display in Fredericksburg until the end of January ["Union general's sword returns to Fredericksburg," Nov. 11].

One visitor on viewing the sword reportedly exclaimed, "Isn't that wonderful!"

The general, wearing this sword, ordered Fredericksburg to be reduced to rubble with his cannons on Chatham Heights. After the bombardment he allowed his troops to barbarously loot and pillage the homes left standing. The Confederates defending the city suffered more than 5,000 casualties and all residents were made refugees.

Burnside's sword is displayed in an honored place while the display of the Confederate battle flag is considered offensive. Have we been brainwashed?

The Rev. Robert L. Dabney said in dedicating a Confederate Cemetery: "We have no reason to be ashamed of these men and may we pray they will never have reason to be ashamed of us." Has that time arrived?

The shame is not Burnside's; it's being unable to fly the Confederate battle flag with pride and with respect for those dead Confederates.

Ted Humphries