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What do you mean 'we,' Fred Reed?

Date published: 11/27/2012

What do you mean 'we,' Fred Reed?

Since Fred Reed has declared himself an expatriate by deciding to live in Mexico, he should not use the word "we" when writing about citizens of the United States.

By his own choice, he is no longer a part of "we," "us," or the U.S. He chose not to live in this country, but he still desires the freedoms this country has to offer, such as free speech.

One of the sources of this country's problems is that there are large corporations who feel the same as he does. "We" wish they all would move on without us (the U.S.) or start paying their dues.

By the way, how does Mr. Reed's newspaper editorializing go over in the Mexican newspapers?

Joe Hancharick

King George