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Restaurant owners start trash service
Two local entrepreneurs will start a trash service Dec. 3 in Spotsylvania County.

Date published: 11/27/2012


Gary Taylor and Jerry Wade, who teamed up to create The Mad Crab restaurant in Stafford County, have started a new venture.

Tired of the only once-a-week trash pickups by County Waste of Virginia, their Henderson's Disposal & Recycling will begin offering twice-weekly service in Spotsylvania County beginning Dec. 3.

"People hear that and they're thrilled to death that their cans aren't overflowing," Taylor said. "In a seven-day period, it becomes a nuisance."

He said 300 people have signed up so far, either by calling 540/373-0009 or visiting hendersonsdisposal .com. They expect to have 1,000 customers in a few months.

"One truck can service 2,000 to 2,400 customers," Taylor said. "We're setting our routes now. As soon as we get close to 2,000, we'll buy another truck."

Several companies used to offer twice-weekly trash service in Spotsylvania and Stafford counties until County Waste of Virginia LLC, which is based in West Point, bought them out about a year ago, he said.

"It was County Waste or you didn't get service," Taylor said.

County Waste of Virginia offers weekly trash service only, and its prices are a dollar or so higher than Henderson's. It will charge $20 per month with a 96-gallon trash can or $18 without one.

Taylor said that he and Wade, who have no experience in the trash business, have done their homework and bought a truck, 400 trash cans and route-scheduling software. Their office is at 400 Nelms Circle, Suite 115, which is near the Mad Crab in Stafford.

"As the routes grow, we'll move into Stafford," he said.

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