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SHS baseball team could be at risk

November 28, 2012 12:10 am

SHS baseball team could be at risk

Imagine allocating tremendous effort and financial resources into fulfilling a childhood dream, only to have that opportunity taken from you. This is the situation upcoming middle-school baseball players in the Stafford High School district may find themselves in if the School Board chooses to use the current baseball field as a practice field for the football team during construction of a new Stafford High School.

The SHS baseball program has benefited from countless volunteer hours and donations from players and supporters in order to bring this field into its current exceptional shape. The only reward these volunteers ask is to watch the players display their "Indian pride" on the field.

While many players seek the chance to play at the next level, only some will experience this field of dreams, but all can benefit from the chance to play competitive high school baseball. This is especially true of the tremendous effort of the SHS Baseball Boosters to field three or four teams each year for the fall Rappahannock Baseball League.

With my youngest son in his senior year, this is my last chance to see him live out his love of the game at Stafford. While we might not be directly affected by the School Board's decision, I hope that future Stafford parents will benefit from a baseball program that helps shape their sons into young men they can take pride in, without the need to transfer to another high school.

Alice Freeman


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