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Kerry? Rice? No! No!

November 29, 2012 12:10 am

Kerry? Rice? No! No!

Only a president as radical as Barack Obama could even consider an anti-military person such as John Kerry as secretary of defense. That would insult every veteran who served in Vietnam.

Kerry lied about his exploits in Vietnam, threw away his medals, and testified before Congress about the alleged atrocities of military personnel. He is a total disgrace to have ever worn the uniform of a naval officer.

To further show his disregard for the truth, Obama is pushing Susan Rice as secretary of state. This is truly a case of the inmates running the asylum! To put a known liar regarding the events of Benghazi in this post would destroy any credibility the United States has left.

To even consider either of these two individuals shows Obama's total disdain for the United States. In either case, the credibility of the United States would be greatly harmed, both domestically and internationally.

Let us all hope this great nation can survive the next four years.

Marvin F. Pixton III


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