You made your bed

Date published: 11/29/2012

You made your bed

Well, it has happened again. Obama has been given four more years to finish what he started four years ago--the demise of America's greatness. This letter is for all of you who voted to re-elect him.

When your doctors are unable to see you because of the restrictions placed on them by Obama's health care law, don't complain.

When our great military is reduced to a paper tiger, don't complain.

When your health care insurance premiums rise, don't complain.

When gas prices rise beyond $5 a gallon, don't complain.

When your religious freedoms are further infringed upon, don't complain.

When businesses are forced to lay off employees because of the cost to comply with Obama's health care law, don't complain.

When your Second Amendment rights are abolished, don't complain.

When your personal taxes go up to pay for all of Obama's massive giveaway programs, don't complain.

When this country's credit rating drops to that of a Third World country and the value of a dollar drops, don't complain.

When our embassies throughout the world continue to come under attack because of inaction by the administration, don't complain.

When the number of people on food stamps rises and the average household income continues to drop, don't complain.

You had a chance on Nov. 6 to restore our country to its original greatness, but you blew it by re-electing Obama. So as things continue to worsen, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Robert W. Sorrell

Locust Grove

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Date published: 11/29/2012