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Negotiate and build

November 29, 2012 12:10 am

Negotiate and build

Our nation has voted. Once again we have elected a president and members of Congress. But this time the electorate wants all of you, both parties and independents, to work together--to do your jobs you've just been hired to do.

That means sometimes you get your way and sometimes you bend. Our country depends on it. I suggest one thing you could do is stop wasting billions on your re-elections.

The second and more important thing is to work on our country's infrastructure. Roads, bridges, schools, water and sewer, levees, and dams need repairs, rebuilding, and/or replacing. Those of us whose families are out of work and/or working at part-time jobs would then have jobs.

This time if Congress can't do the job then it should cut its own pay and benefits.

Jean Pennell

Locust Grove

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