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 Nature Boy Explorer will join the Crypts on Friday.
Matthew Wood
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Date published: 11/29/2012


Since their formation, the band has added keyboards and harmonica to augment the original lineup of Graziano's voice, Mike Tscirn's drums and Kristen Tscirn's guitars. It's a unique sound that mixes well with the bands' out-of-this-world lyrical content and frantic energy.

In a live show, the band feeds off of the audience response, and that's all the payment the band needs. All of their music is available free online. Graziano said that his day job as a youth services librarian is how he pays the bills.

"I make my money doing one thing that I love, " he said, "and it makes it so I can do this other thing I love, not expecting a reward. It's just fun to play with some of your best friends."

As for the future, the band would like to play outside of Fredericksburg more, in Richmond and D.C.

"We need to keep moving or die, like a shark," Graziano said.

But with the responsibilities of jobs and children, they have no desire for a full-blown tour.

"We have to do shows one at a time," keyboardist Larry "The Professor" Gilliam said. "We can't just pick up and go."

Mike Tscirn has experience in the realm of touring. He spent time playing bass in The Points and Poseur Bill, two successful bands on the Fredericksburg scene nearly a decade ago.

"I was asking Mike when he got back from a tour with Poseur Bill, 'So, did you makes some money?'" Graziano said. "And it was like, 'Hell no, we lost money!'"

"We do a good job in this band of losing as little money as possible," Mike Tscirn said.

Ryan Brosmer plays music like a shark.

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What: The Crypts 'Discover Science' CD release show with GTI and Nature Boy Explorer Where: 909 Saloon, 909 Caroline St., Fredericks-burg When: Friday, Nov. 30 at 8 p.m. Info: myspace.com/cryptsparty