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Government has met the enemy, and it is them

Date published: 12/2/2012

Government has met the enemy, and it is them

Concerning the economy, the federal government says that the third rail is Social Security. I say that is smoke and mirrors.

The true third rail is the civil service system. The federal government does not talk about itself at all. The wages, salaries, and benefits of federal workers are not brought into the mix when we talk about problems associated with the economy.

The feds usually point to other entities as the problem, but never to themselves. It is the federal government itself that has that has put all of America into an economic slump, yet the feds will not bring up this issue.

The federal government does not want to diminish its own salaries and benefits to help the whole of America. The federal government needs to look at its fat self and say, "This is too big" and too large for citizens to support with the low wages they earn.

Tom Roscoe