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New is not necessarily better: Fix SHS

Date published: 12/2/2012

New is not necessarily better: Fix SHS

It is now 65 years since I graduated from high school in Brooklyn, N.Y. The school was old then and to my knowledge, it is still in use and has not been renovated. A high school nearer my home was built at the same time with the same plans and it too is still in use (and we did not have air conditioning!).

Why this overriding compulsion to tear down and rebuild? I'll bet that the "state of the art" schools currently being built will also be declared obsolete at some point. Newer is not necessarily better.

It seems that $1 million is chicken feed to elected officials. They need to treat expenditures as if they were their own dollars and then perhaps they would be more judicious with how they allocate the money.

Fix Stafford High School, then take care of it, and it will serve the students for many more years.

Ruth Olsen