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'I'm right, you're an idiot' is not working

December 2, 2012 12:10 am

'I'm right, you're an idiot' is not working

A letter-writer recently demonstrated one of the primary problems with the current discourse in our society ["A relationship ended," Oct. 31]. He expressed intolerance with The Free Lance-Star for the editor's endorsement of Barack Obama.

I, too, feel dissatisfied with the president, but if people only read publications, watch TV stations, listen to radio programs, or converse with people who espouse views like their own, then they become ever more entrenched in their opinions.

The kind of intolerance and mutual hostility long expressed between people holding opposing views on abortion and gun control (and acceptance of homosexuality and of the doctrine of evolution) has become typical of other citizens and politicians with differences over other aspects of law and society.

Only if we truly listen and communicate with one another can we resolve our differences. Otherwise, we have only gridlock.

Johnson Maxey


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