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No freedom from God's moral law page 3
Linda White's op-ed column: The consequences of declaring our freedom from moral law, and the solution.

 Hurricane Sandy felled a red oak against the porch at the White household.
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Date published: 12/2/2012


Did you catch that? Because we moderns have excused our behavior for decades as either illness or just "who we are," declaring freedom from a moral law we didn't want, we've lost our true identity and the deepest sense of meaning in life. Could that be why we need so many pills to keep us going? So many escapes?


All religious systems but one operate on the premise that man can, by his own effort, make himself moral and good. Christianity declares that the heart is so wrapped up in sin there is no hope unless God intervenes.

And that's exactly what happened in that little town of Bethlehem, on another starry night, in a land far away and yet so close. The baby born to Mary was Emmanuel, God with us, God stepping into human life to rescue us from that which we cannot see and will not admit: our sin. He did that at the cross, and in him we find not only the offer of redemption, but our truest identity: We are beloved children of God.

Overhead a jet silently blinks its way across the night sky. I am so thankful. So thankful I did not need surgery. So thankful the trees mostly missed our house. So very very thankful for friends from church who brought us meals when I was recovering and spent an entire Saturday cutting up Sandy's felled oaks, and splitting and stacking the wood. I know them well. They would be the first to tell you that they are not, by nature, "good." But somewhere along the line they met the One who is good, and he is gradually changing their hearts, releasing them from man's natural self-centeredness, freeing them to love.

Keira finds me and touches my leg with her nose. It's time to go home. Time to set up the tree. Time to put "Messiah" back on the iPod. Time to embrace the wonder of Christmas, once more.

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Linda J. White is an editorial writer for The Free Lance-Star.