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Many people must work on Thanksgiving Day

December 2, 2012 12:10 am

Many people must work on Thanksgiving Day

I do understand the reluctance the workers at Walmart have for working on a holiday like Thanksgiving. It is traditionally a time of family gathering and socializing, not working.

There are exceptions to that, however. Having spent 22 years in the Navy, I have spent my share of family holidays, such as Thanksgiving and birthdays and anniversaries, either deployed or standing duty. There are also the people who work in restaurants who serve Thanksgiving dinner to those who choose not to cook dinner at home. Think of the people who work at hotels and motels, providing service to travelers. Don't forget the police and firefighters who are standing by for your safety.

The workers at Walmart are not being asked to do any more than others are. If they choose not to work on a holiday when scheduled, they evidently do not need the job very badly.

Charles Vroman

King George

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