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Catholic Church won't compromise on morals

Date published: 12/5/2012

Catholic Church won't compromise on morals

Regarding "Progresssive faithful seek to save the church; Catholicism's Fate: A Roman Version of Moral Majority?" by John Gehring [Nov. 25]: This is certainly an interesting article, expressing the distinctly progressive views of some segment of Catholics.

If the mainstream media had any sense of basic fairness, they would print corresponding views of the pope or bishops whenever they print critical articles of this nature.

In a more enlightened age, this was standard practice. The church founded by Jesus Christ is led and represented by the pope and bishops. It is they, and only they, who have the right to speak for Catholicism.

When are the liberal mainstream media going to put aside their biases, acknowledge the above, and give the shepherds of the Catholic Church their right to defend Catholicism? Are they afraid that they might learn something, particularly about truth and religion?

As a practicing Catholic, I believe I can speak for most Catholics in answering the question posed by the commentary's author regarding whether the Vatican really wants a "purer" church. Since the Catholic Church insists unreservedly on following all of the teachings of Jesus Christ, it is already pure.

If progressives wish to drop some of Jesus' teachings, they should know where that will lead. Jesus never compromised on faith and morals and neither does the Catholic Church. When Jesus told the disciples that bread and wine had become his body and blood, he allowed those who disagreed to leave his company (John 6:66).

Raymond C. Kujawa