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K.G. to study how it impacts base page 2
King George supervisors will sponsor a study to look at the Navy base's relationship with the community around it

 The Navy base at Dahlgren includes the Surface Warfare Center, which has been working on the railgun project.
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Date published: 12/5/2012


On Tuesday, almost two months later, County Administrator Travis Quesenberry presented the resolution, which was approved unanimously.

Supervisor Dale Sisson Jr. wasn't at the meeting. When Chairman Cedell Brooks Jr. opened the meeting in prayer, he asked for people to remember Sisson, who'd had a minor auto accident before the meeting. Brooks said Sisson was okay, but was on his way to the hospital to be examined.

For the second meeting in a row, residents asked that Brabo, who joined the board in January, be appointed to some key positions.

Last month, two residents asked that she be named the county's representative on COMREL in place of Grzeika, as well as on another board he serves on, the George Washington Regional Commission.

On Tuesday, resident Dennis Askin asked that she be elected vice chairman of the board. The supervisors select their chairman and vice chairman at the first meeting of the year.

That's Jan. 1, and because it's a holiday, the board will decide on Dec. 18 what date they'll meet during the first week of the new year.

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