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Dahlgren museum will receive $50K donation page 2
Dahlgren museum moving ahead, latest donation is $50,000 donation from Dominion Resources

Date published: 12/6/2012


"The museum is moving forward with a first set of exhibits" in the former welcome center. "These exhibits will include key artifacts that relate to the aviation history of the Dahlgren base," Jones said. "Special events, including forums, receptions, volunteer days and lectures, will be part of an opening schedule next year," in lieu of a traditional grand opening.

Jones added that more regular use of the museum building will come as it moves forward with exhibits and artifacts along a "history trail" on the museum grounds.

The museum plans to be a key participant in events celebrating the base's 95th birthday next fall, Jones said.

"As part of that effort, we hope to become a starting point for tours of the base."

Fundraising will be a priority in 2013, Jones said, "as we seek to expand our membership of more than 200."

The foundation will work with Sen. Mark Warner to garner support among defense contractors, particularly those with links to the base.

Planning for the museum began more than two years ago to gather, protect, display and explain materials from the Dahlgren base. It's the first of a new generation of Navy Heritage Centers run not by the Navy, but by private foundations.

More about the museum: dahlgren museum.org

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According to a brochure, the Dahlgren Heritage Museum "will tell a powerful story that will resonate from King George all across the nation. It's the story of how a remote testing range, carved out of Potomac River marshland in 1918, became what former U.S. Sen. John Warner called "one of the crown jewels" of national defense. It will play an important role in preserving the history of the base and the community. As a model for future Naval Heritage Centers, it also will have a national reach."