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Akers' column brought indignation relief

December 7, 2012 12:10 am

Akers' column brought indignation relief

What a relief to read opinion pages editor Paul Akers ranting reasonably over President Obama's re-election ["What happened to America's prejudice for pride?" Nov. 30].

Earlier, before the election, I was glancing through my copy of the paper Nov. 6 and sipping my midmorning coffee when I got suddenly upset. That is something rare for us old folks experiencing the good life in our declining years in friendly Stafford County.

But just as I turned to the editorial page, there it was: An endorsement of Obama for re-election. No way. I almost spilled my coffee before hurrying to my computer to fire off an indignant letter to the editor.

Now, with the commentary by Akers, I feel much better.

Ben R. Blankenship Jr.


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