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Going beyond classrooms page 2
Culpeper Technology Center will provide space to hang out and get computer training when it opens on Jan. 7.

 Mike Katz (right) prepares the network at the new Culpeper Technology Center.
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Date published: 12/8/2012


Katz, whose wife is a teacher, liked the idea. Together they decided to turn what was initially just a summer school into a more sustainable year-round operation.

The need is there, according to the center's website, culpepertechnology.com. Applied computer technology isn't a standard class in schools, yet students need to know how to use--and possibly invent--new technologies.

Dossey is merging his web-design business with the center, and will have an office in the back of the center. He'll be in charge of training, while Katz will handle the finances and continue running Culpeper Credit.

The business partners plan to charge students $299 a month for access to the center. Adults will pay less, but charge hasn't been determined. The initial registration fee for classes will include a choice of three different Google Nexus 7 tablets at a discount price.

"You get the tablet," Dossey said, "and it standardizes what the kids use so we can disseminate textbooks to the devices."

The Culpeper Technical Center normally will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, although there will be night classes for small businesses one week per month.

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