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Please stop wasting our tax dollars!

Date published: 12/9/2012

Please stop wasting our tax dollars!

Is any resident of our city as sick and tired as I am of watching City Council waste our tax dollars to have outside companies perform studies or designs for this or that? "City Council tables plans for new park," [Nov 28]. Message to Council: Use your residents' resources. Instead of paying a company $200,000 for a park design, hold a contest for the best feasible park design with the top prize being $5,000 or $10,000, or name a park bench in honor of the winner.

But please stop wasting our tax dollars on these things and use the money on the actual project. I live in the Altoona subdivision: Has City Council noticed that we have no sidewalks or streetlights in this area? That's where I would like to see my tax dollars go.

Jesus Dominguez