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Date published: 12/9/2012


Battlefield Elementary

The following students were recognized for being fair the first nine weeks:

Third grade--Mackensie Watkins, Khysser Arbid, Kylie Watkins, Lucian White, Sean Ludwick, Mary Sublett, Devin Ealand, Jessie Bronski, Kieran Pinney, Kimora Bryant, Griffin Taylor

Fourth grade--Austin Gagnon, Esther Park, Braeden Steely, Yonna Bowden, Aidan Gwartney, Allyson Hastings, Auston Hall, Kyler Winston

Fifth grade--Austin George, Milton Grijalva, Rebecca Clutts, Jaiden Wright, Shelbi Shelton, Clifton Goode, Korey Jackson, Justin Sexton, Madeline Kenerly, Tristan Kitchens.

Mia Allison is the Art Star of the Week for her marker-and-watercolor trees.

Fifth-grader Elijah Campbell is the Math Problem Solver of the Week.

--Sandra Decatur

Berkeley Elementary

The following students were chosen as Citizen of the Month: Wynter O'Toole, Aleigh Thrall, Rachel Settle, Jenna Shifflett, Jimmie Wood III, Mariah Patterson, Lauren Keesecker, Landon Martin, Madison Maas, Cameryn Heidt, Kenneth Towles, Austin Storm, Isabella Maass and Nathanyel Thomas.

The following students were chosen as Top Beavers for the Week: Micah Patterson, Hunter Padgett, Blake Shipe, Liliana Combe, Kaya Hill, Roxanne Hensel, Maddie Hayes, Shamari Paige, Ashley Buck, John Hall, Madison Pittman, Kaitlyn Morris, Jorja White, Lavell Hart, Makynzie Terrell, Rachel Settle and James Oglesby.

--Anthony Bramlett

Riverview Elementary

Flag bearers are Kayla Davies, Caleb Hockaday, Hailey Payne and Ethan Wrye.

Studio 97 morning broadcasters are Tiana Brent, Tiffani Delano, Zavion Parker and Mason White.

Safety Patrol monitors are Ijah Langham-Anderson, Claire Blizzard, Elizabeth Doyle, Jeovani Guadamuz, Brittany Lamb, Rachel Sledd, Paige Sullivan and Julianne White.

Principal's Class of the Week is Elizabeth Hawthorne's second-grade class.

--Lisa Edson

Robert E. Lee Elementary

Students of the week are Nathan Blesi, Kelsey Hanrahan, Christopher Davis, Kinlee Stokes, Jasmine Galbreath and Michael Estur.

--Linda Wersching

Salem Elementary

The following students are classroom spelling bee winners: Neha Alam, Sharid Ayala, Kylie Dwyler, Morgan Galusha, Alyssa Gleason, Kenneth Jordan, Lili McGrath, Haleigh Perkins, Jessica Silkensen, Elaina Syrkes, Jaden Voyd and Dues Threatt.

The Salem Elementary Spelling Bee winner is Madison Brown.

The Salem Elementary Spelling Bee runner-up is Anna Newton.

--Adam Martin

Ni River Middle

Seventh-grader Gavin Cornell was recently selected to serve as a page for the House of Delegates during the 2013 Virginia General Assembly session.

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