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Date published: 12/9/2012


The Student Council raised $101.07 to help the Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter through the Change for the Homeless campaign. Jackie Epling's homeroom contributed the most "spare change."

-- Barbara McWhirt

Post Oak Middle

This year's spelling bee winners are:

Mary Connor--first place

Natalia Lewis--second place

Sarah Cuba--third place

Tyler Clift--fourth place.

Mary and Natalia will go on to represent Post Oak at the District level spelling bee in January.

--Kristen Weidle

Thornburg Middle

The following students earned a perfect score of 600 on one or more of their SOL tests: Eward Adams, Keaton Adams, Paul Adgerson, Sydney Andersen, Kelli Marie Anderson, Matthew Anderson, Addison Bach, Bryson Bachand, Lauryn Bache, Kyle Baker, Scott Batchelor, Donavan Beaver, Sarah Bostain, Dominique Brannan, Anna Carlyle, Alan Cornwall, Mauricio Cortez, Thomas Cue, Sarah Dishman, Severin Doroshenk, Jordan Downing, Andrew Fields, Patrick Foreman, Harrison Gagnon, Fiona Gilbert, Zachary Gouldman, William Grimes, Maxwell Guyer, Thomas Hackmeyer, Ana Haines, Kierron Hardy, Samuel Hills, Samuel Houchin, Danika Irish, Benjamin Jameson, Allison Jones, Annora Jones, Zachary Kramer, William Kujawa, Noah LaFleur, John Lagana III, Liam Lamberton, Heather Lawson, Reilly Leahy, Tyson Maddox, Julia Maldonado, Breanna Maris, Melanie Martinez-Lopez, Emily McFarland, Shane Medley, Ericka Melendez, Rachel Miller, Joshua Montgomery, Benjamin Morley, Chance Nicholas, Jessica O'Connor, Briana Paris, Francis Martin Perges, MacKenzie Perkins, Rebecca Peters, Hailey Phelps, Eric Pierron, Kassidy Pritchard, Emily Ramsey, Jocelyn-Rose Rancourt, Hunter Riddle, Calista Rieken, Chelsea Rivera-Morales, Jordan Rose, Madison Schickel, Natalya Spivack, Elena Tippett, Michael Wallace, Stephen Wallach, Tyrese Ward, Shelby Weedon, Anna Wei, Victoria Westermeyer, William White, Seth Williamson, Caitlin Woodford and Eric Zhang.

--Deb McMullan

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