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Date published: 12/9/2012


Gladys H. Oberle School

Interested students and staff will kettle ring for the Salvation Army throughout December. Rashawn James, Denzel Dixon, Orlando Jones, Austin Rawlings, Shaniqua Moye, Shaina Harris, Jillian Stack, Ar'Jay Holt, Andrea Knipple, Jordan Koontz, Nicholas Brunacci, Tony Leatherland, Bobby Trumpower, Matt Colp, Ryan Licht, Kimberly Fulkerson and Megan Costello have signed up to participate.

Eva Brooks, Denzel Dixon, Quinton Hammitt, Shaina Harris, Ar'Jay Holt, Russell Hussey, Milica Isaak-Harrington, Tony Leatherland, Orlando Jones, TaiEricqua Lewis-Nelson, Nicholas Morrison, Denise Otis, Sam Shafer and Ryan Licht were treated to CiCi's Pizza on Dec. 3 for consistently demonstrating good behaviors and work ethic.

--Patricia St. Clair

Odyssey Montessori

The following students enjoyed their monthly "Mad Science" program, learning about static electricity by working with a Van de Graaff generator: Shan Bennett, Jonah Bevan, Asa Darden, Zane Darden, Dane DiEugenio, Katie Ibarra, Bonnie Little, Alex Murphy, Esha Pai, Bella Thomas, Zaara Uka, Madchen Watt and Ella Williams. Using the generator, students got to make indoor lightning. They also had the opportunity to hold onto the generator to have their own hair-raising experience.

The following Early Childhood students took part in the "World of Color" program, learning about primary and secondary colors by mixing liquids, gels and paints: Hasher Ahmad, Brooklyn Byrnes, Jacob Cavagnino, Pablo Durarte, Ali Hafeez, Maddy Majesky, Riya Menachery, Arav Menon, Jaya Pai, Natali Runles Omari Scherrer, Aanika Sethi, Arruv Sethi, Rudra Shah, Max Treacy and Cabell Williams.

--Emily Williams