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GOP voters should check their sources!

 Formerly a senior policy adviser to George W. Bush, Karl Rove is a political analyst for Fox News.
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Date published: 12/14/2012

GOP voters should check their sources!

Conservatives are in a state of shock!

If I were a conservative, a question I might ask myself would be: Should I trust my information sources, since they were so wrong? They probably got information from Fox News, Karl Rove, Newsmax, or Rasmussen. I cannot tell you how many of my conservative friends sent me quotations from these organizations, while saying "Obama is going down." I could not get enough bets from these people.

Next time, go no further than the following sources, as they are right as rain:

1) Nate Silver. He makes his predictions on detailed facts, not what he wants to happen. He said the president had a 90 percent chance of winning and would get 51 percent of the vote. He also predicted the winner in all 50 states.

2) Look at political gambling sites around the world: All of them had Obama as a dead lock to win.

Chris Christie was another indicator. He disassociated himself from Romney as early as the Republican National Convention where he was the keynote speaker. He didn't mention Romney's name until 1,800 words into his 2,500-word speech. I feel that he knew Romney was a loser and a political liability.

Lastly, I must comment on Fox News and Karl Rove. It's a wonder Rove has any thumbs left. He spent almost a billion dollars of the Koch boys', et al., money trying to get Romney elected. I had the feeling the boys would love to make Karl's little whiteboard disappear, too.

If you're in shock over this election, I recommend that you don't base your opinions on sources trying to get your listening or viewing dollar. Not very prudent.

Jeffrey Belcher