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Take responsibility, Pfc. Manning

Date published: 12/14/2012

Take responsibility, Pfc. Manning

I don't understand all the hoopla about Pfc. Bradley Manning ["Soldier's case dominated by testimony on suicide," Dec. 12]. I am sure many wanted to shoot him on the spot, and were probably using great restraint as it was. Manning is nothing but a traitor to everything we stand for. He signed on for a job with a security clearance, to keep our information and our country secure.

At one time, the military would have taken him out and shot him on the spot. I would say he was very lucky someone didn't take the little punk out. Now Manning wants to get out of the responsibility of his actions. The people marching to free him are ridiculous. What are they thinking--or are they? Why don't they use all that time to help the vets that kept them free so they could march?

Manning must quit whining and accept punishment for one of the biggest breaches of security ever. What does he expect? The Hilton with chocolates on his pillow? No way! He's a traitor.

Linda C. Govenides