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Abortion advocates must seek the truth

December 14, 2012 12:10 am

Abortion advocates must seek the truth

Abortion supporters often declare, "We will decide!" They claim that the target of their decision is not important. What could be more important?

Whenever we are in doubt about whether people are at risk, we take no chances. If a mine caved in, we would search for survivors before dynamiting the entrance shut. Firemen go through burning buildings looking for people who need to be saved. Hunters are taught never to shoot until they are sure the target is a deer, not a person.

Abortion advocates claim that unborn children are not "people." Based on this possibility, they kill them by the millions. Shouldn't we make sure first? After all, if they are wrong, they are responsible for the biggest slaughter in history. Shouldn't we stop the killing until we can say with certainty whether we are killing people or not?

But abortion advocates aren't willing to investigate. They want unborn babies to be non-persons. They treat them as non-persons, all based on an assumption.

That seems childish. Let's act like the grown-ups we are. Let's get the scientific data and ask: Is this a baby, or a formless glob of useless tissue?

Timothy Beahm


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