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No. 1 issue in Israel? Security, survival

Date published: 12/14/2012

No. 1 issue in Israel? Security, survival

After reading the opinion titled "Israel's 3000 errors" [Dec. 10], I've come to two not-so-startling conclusions: 1) The editorial writer is not a Jew, and 2) he or she is clueless.

Understand this: Israel's position in appeasing the U.N., and the world for that matter, isn't even on the list of concerns when its nation's security is the topic. See the first sentence of the editorial's fourth paragraph: "The record of Israel-bashing at the United Nations is long and ugly." That's a clue as to Israel's position and why. Did the writer not see Netanyahu's talk with the U.N. and the ACME bomb diagram regarding Iran? Keep in mind also that what the writer refers to as "enlightened Western democracies" still refer to the "Jewish problem." Gotta love the enlightened!

Two things, the writer should come to terms with. The U.S. will continue to support Israel for two reasons only: Politicians want the Jewish vote, and its the only democracy in the Middle East that we can rely upon militarily. It's not for the love of Judaism. Understand this also: Israel will never allow a partition of the West Bank to the Palestinians in Gaza. It's strategically absurd. Jews in Israel think survival, not what's politically correct to make others feel good.

Jon Glick