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Laying of the wreaths: An act of love and thanks

 Volunteers place Christmas wreaths on the graves at Arlington Cemetery.
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Date published: 12/16/2012

On Dec. 1, at Quantico National Cemetery, I had the honor and privilege to be a volunteer laying Christmas wreaths on the graves of those who sacrificed their time and, in many cases, their lives, for our freedom. This is part of an annual act of love, respect, and thanks called National Wreath Project.

Several hundred volunteers--men, women, and children--lay several thousand wreaths on the resting places of people who, in many cases, have no family or friends left. It became very clear to me that, although we were all strangers, we were all connected by pride, caring, and the belief that the people in this sacred place deserve our respect, our recognition, and our thanks.

As amazing as this day was and as wonderful as it was to be honoring these heroes in this simple way, what hit me most was the sadness I felt because we could not place a wreath on each and every grave site. Believe me when I say there was not one volunteer there who would not have stayed all day doing this simple task.

I ask that you go on the Web to sgtmac.org to understand how this annual event came into being, Donations are needed to continue and expand this incredible tribute. At the very least, consider volunteering to lay wreaths next year. I promise that your heart will be deeply touched by the the pride and gratitude you feel for our military and the sacrifice that they and their families make for us every day.

In the event that any of my family or friends are wondering what I want for Christmas, I need nothing but a donation to this cause.

Dennis Hall