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'War on Christmas'? Purely divisive talk

Date published: 12/16/2012

'War on Christmas'? Purely divisive talk

The "war on Christmas" rages. Many people question why Christmas does not have a privileged position in our society. America is a Christian nation, they say, founded by Christians "under God."

Does this mean that in a Christian nation, I am less of an American because I am not Christian? Am I less of a patriot, because I do not put my church ahead of my country or my faith ahead of my people? Are services and sacrifices of so many like me less worthy of honor?

If so, would not legislators who think the same also consider this inherent difference when drafting law? (Have not some done so already?) And what does that bode for our nation of equality under law?

But if I am as rightfully a citizen as any other, why can we not speak as fellow--albeit dissenting--citizens of one nation?

What place does talk of a Christian nation have except to divide Americans from Americans? To draw a Christian (or any religious) line in the sand over our national arena is to turn brother against brother, and I would rather see our union preserved to prosper "for liberty and justice for all."

If you would see this same prosperity for America, then you are my kin in country. If you celebrate, I celebrate with you. Let us contend with one another not on the basis of our beliefs but our actions and goodwill.

Justin Toney