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Date published: 12/16/2012

Hugh Mercer Elementary

Second-grade Pumpkin Run winners are:

First place--Sarah Rigual and Zachary Horn

Second place--Jillian Battista and Angel Reza

Third place--Andrea Williams and Flynn Jones

Fourth place--Bryelle Jackson and Dylan Lenze

Fifth grade--Margaret Rowe and Jason Stinchcomb.

First-grade Turkey Trot winners are:

First place--Sara Beringer and Daylen Bumbrey

Second place--Piper Kingsley and Da'shea Smith

Third place--Siena Salafia and Mickens Laurore

Fourth place--Lauren Holland and Timothy Ford

Fifth place--Carley Coghill and Ty McDonald.

The following students won the Barnes and Noble "Why I Love To Read" contest: Catherine Blossser, Teniyah Randolph, Katelyn Boyd, Margaret Rowe, Stephen Carella, Bella Kimball, Liam Pillsbury, Olivia Stewart, Scarlett Allen and Noelle Patrice Ingram.

Annie McFarland's artwork appeared in the January 2013 issue of Highlights magazine.

Second-graders chosen to be Patriot Singers are Diamond Beanum, Manuel Murcia, Jada Cunningham, Imari Brooks, Katelyn Boyd, Scarlett Allen, Tremon Adams, Jade Brown, Jocelyn Coffman, Jack Bowles, Bryelle Jackson, Olivia Stewart, Bella Kimball, Andrea Williams, Savon Foster, Sara Rigual, Elaina Lacovar, and Zachary Horn. These students auditioned to participate and sing patriotic songs on the morning announcements.

--Cindy Hurley