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Benghazi: Truth vs. lies

Date published: 12/17/2012

Benghazi: Truth vs. lies

Let me clear up Joe Nordsieck's confusion on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice's statements on Benghazi ["Don't be hypocritical re: Benghazi," Dec. 3]. Truth makes a difference. Ambassador Rice lied repeatedly to the American public on this issue.

The Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines a lie as: 1) "To make an untrue statement with intent to deceive"; 2) "To create a false or misleading impression." This describes exactly what Ambassador Rice did. Lies can have severe consequences. A liar cannot be trusted.

Can one lie justify or excuse another? This appears to be the gist of Nordsieck's letter. Colin Powell's lies regarding Iraq--if he did lie--do not justify Ambassador Rice's lies on Benghazi.

Are John McCain and Lindsey Graham hypocrites because they told the truth about Ambassador Rice? I think not. The hypocrite is one who justifies lies as if they were truths. This is common practice by President Obama and the Democratic Party.

Larry Buchanan

Locust Grove