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Date published: 12/17/2012


Chandler Fanning, an eighth-grader, took first place among the 24 participants in the school's annual spelling bee. Seventh-grader Anthony Ellis came in second place and eighth-grader Sildi Bizhyti came in third. Chandler and Anthony will go on to represent the school at the county wide spelling bee.

--Vicki Ullrich

Ni River Middle

Ni River Middle School recently sent two certamen teams to compete against 18 teams from more than 30 other schools at the 2012 Riverbend High School certamen. One eighth-grade Latin I (Advanced) certamen team finished seventh and the second one finished ninth. Team members are Emma Hebertson, Greg Fairbanks, Skyler Moon, Dylan Letellier, Elizabeth Hall, Sarah Patillo and Connor Muilenburg.

-- Barbara McWhirt

Thornburg Middle

The following students were selected as star PE students for the first nine weeks:

Sixth grade--Cardy Winn, Frances Perges, Tyra Robinson, William Kujawa, Reilly Krannitz, Nick Fielding

Seventh grade--Sarah Bostain, Sam Brown, Greg Andrews, Sydney Anderson, Carleigh Vanreenen

Eighth grade--Maria Cornett, Patrick Foreman, Anthony Dirisio, Myshka Martin, Anna Tippett, Kierron Hardy.

--Deb McMullan

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