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Date published: 12/17/2012

Holy Cross Academy

Each class is sponsoring a family designated by Social Services as being in need this Christmas season. The National Junior Honor Society is working with Eagle Scout Christopher Caporali to coordinate this effort and to make sure that these families have a blessed Christmas.

--Nancy Scharf

Odyssey Montessori

The following elementary students enjoyed a special "Sleepover with the Sharks" camp-in at the Baltimore Aquarium: Shan Bennett, Jonah Bevan, Zane Darden, Dane DiEugenio, Bella Thomas, Madchen Watt and Ella Williams. They had an after-hours, expert-guided, nocturnal prowl through the aquarium exhibits. They ventured behind the scenes to tour the lab, hospital and food prep areas, learning what goes on behind closed doors at the aquarium. In the morning, before the aquarium opened to the public, they dined under the jellyfish art, watched the dolphins discovery presentation and competed in a round of Shark Jeopardy.

--Emily Williams