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 Dreaming of a chewy Christmas: Vivien and Gabriel keep vigil hoping Santa will soon arrive with toys and treats.
Sarah A. Ferrell
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Date published: 12/17/2012

THREE PAIRS OF big brown dog eyes, wide with wonder, are riveted to my hands as I roll up a batch of Devoted To Dogs pinwheel cookies.

I crack open the seal of a bottle of real bacon bits. I sprinkle a big square slice of flatbread with the bacon. Gabriel, my black and white springer spaniel, tips his nose up toward the counter. His twitching nose makes sniffing sounds. He must be thinking, "BACON!" I shake the big green canister of Parmesan cheese over the thin layer of bacon bits and my bearded collie, Vivien, thunders a delighted, "woof!"

Baby of the family, Zeela, a small liver-colored spaniel girl, raises her head from her bed in the corner of the kitchen. Since it is impossible to do anything else while supervising a chewing puppy whose chain-saw teeth investigate everything, I have corralled little Zeela with a "Kong" toy stuffed with peanut butter and and Nylabone brand "Gumma" Frisbee while I bake eight dozen dog cookies.

Finally, I roll the flatbread into a tight roll and slice it into half-inch pinwheels with my rolling pizza slicer. Baked 10 minutes at 350 degrees, and left in the oven overnight; we will wake to the crunchiest, most dog-delightful canine cookies imaginable.

I have been invited to my first " Holiday Dog Cookie Exchange."

Humans have been gathering to swap cookies and holiday cheer for years. Pick up any cooking or housekeeping magazine from November to January and you will find, "How to Host a Cookie Exchange."

It is time for dog lovers to unite for dog cookie parties. Dogs delight, covet and dream of cookies. Cheese, liver, peanut butter, apple-cinnamon, chicken, bacon and pumpkin are just a few of the ingredients calling to dogs from our pantries and refrigerators.

Baking for dogs is a fun to do and dogs are guaranteed to eat the delicacies from your oven with the joy that reminds us why we love dogs. Dogs always think everything their humans do is superior, fascinating and brilliant. No dog ever offered cooking criticism.

No dog ever sighed and said, "Oh but we had chicken yesterday." Your dog will lick your fingers and your face in gratitude. Humans could take a lesson from dog's ever grateful, waiting to kiss you attitude. "Kiss the Cook" is a fine holiday motto for all.

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