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Dear Santa dog: Holiday gift shopping for your family pets page 2
Devoted to Dogs: What to get for your smallest member of your family

 Dreaming of a chewy Christmas: Vivien and Gabriel keep vigil hoping Santa will soon arrive with toys and treats.
Sarah A. Ferrell
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Date published: 12/17/2012


Hosting a dog cookie exchange is easy. Invite a small number of dog loving friends to come to your house bearing dog cookies to share with the group. Stress to your guests that they should feel free to bring favorite store-bought cookies, or to bring dog biscuits from their own oven. Dogs will not complain if cookies are not homemade.

Keep the invitation list small; eight to 10 people is best. If there are eight guests, ask them to bring one cup of cookies for each guest. The hostess will supply holiday baked good bags or cookie tins. Each guest will take a handful of cookies from each guest's offering, filling their bag or tin with all kinds of cookies guaranteed to delight their dogs this holiday season.


Two favorite dog cookie and gift emporiums are Dog Krazy, at 1011 Caroline St. in Fredericksburg, and 360 Feeds on State Route 3 in Spotsylvania County. Nancy Guinn, proprietor at Dog Krazy, is brimming with ideas to make any dogs' eyes gleam with appreciation this holiday.

"Our best-selling cookies this holiday season are Mina's Peanut Butter and Honey, Maizey Blue's Cheese and Bacon, and Piglet's Peanut Butter and Bluebully," said Guinn.

Dog toys that sell the moment they hit the shelves are the ones that keep dogs entertained while they satisfy a dog's chewing needs.

"Popular chewing and play entertainment toys are Westpaw's Bumi, the treat-dispensing Buster Cube and all our puzzle toys. Puppies love to chew marrow bones, bully sticks and moo tubes. The champion chew-through-anything chewers will have a really good, long chew with Nylabone's Galileo and Big Chew, and with Westpaw's Tizzi. For dog safety it is important for owners to read all labels and buy only natural product chews that are made in the United States."


Dog Krazy has a Greater Fredericksburg SPCA Angel Tree to collect donations from shoppers for specific gifts for dogs at the shelter.

"The SPCA requested special foods and toys for their dogs with allergies or who are strong chewers," said Guinn. "We have those requested food and toy items, priced $5 to $65, available for purchase."

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