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Dear Santa dog: Holiday gift shopping for your family pets page 3
Devoted to Dogs: What to get for your smallest member of your family

 Dreaming of a chewy Christmas: Vivien and Gabriel keep vigil hoping Santa will soon arrive with toys and treats.
Sarah A. Ferrell
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Date published: 12/17/2012


The Angel Tree will be on display until the new year.

As a thank-you, shoppers will receive a 20 percent off coupon for every $50 purchase when they sponsor an angel. Coupons can be used Dec. 26 to Jan. 31, 2013.

Dogs love Marty LeTourneau, manager of 360 Feed & Supply, 5037 Plank Road.

While moms and dads shop for food and toys, dogs come into the store and schmooze with LeTourneau and his always dog-wise and friendly sales force.

"The best-selling treat brands are Instinct, Nature's Variety, Darford and Zukes. Most popular toys are Kongs, and a plush toy that dogs love to shake and toss called a 'Skeenie,'" advised LeTourneau. "If your dog is a strong, determined chewer, excellent toys for him are Giggler Balls, Tuffys and the Tire Biter with rope. Puppy teeth will stay busy and out of chew trouble with bully sticks, Beams and cow ears." 360 Feeds also has an SPCA tree and makes supports area dog rescue organizations by donating many bags of food.

Whether you tie on your apron and bake dog cookies, or visit a fine local dog emporium wielding your charge card, the dogs in your life will wag and woof with gratitude. Happy crunching this holiday season.

360 Feed & Supply: facebook .com/pages/360-Farm-and-Pet/196636007062015) Dog Krazy: dogkrazyva.com SPCA: fburgspca.org

Sarah A. Ferrell of Spotsylvania County; author of "Devoted To Dogs: How to Be Your Dog's Best Owner' (available at abrohamneal .com or amazon.com) runs Dog Manners and Obedience. Email her in care of gchoochan@freelance star.com.

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