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Dion disses bosses

Date published: 12/18/2012

Dion disses bosses

Marc Munroe Dion ["Old white guys' glacial acceptance of Mitt's loss," Dec. 12] takes "great joy in Romney's defeat, since it meant defeat of the bosses, and I have had a boss all my life."

Dion seems to suffer from the Marxist fantasy that all will be well with the world if we just get rid of the "bosses." I'm sure Dion was at one time a faithful employee who showed up on time, did the minimum amount demanded by his employer, and left early when permitted to do so. He picked up his paycheck, participated in his employer's retirement matching program, and benefited from health benefits.

Meanwhile, his boss daily managed a group of individuals (the hardest job in the world), took his work home with him, worried about meeting payroll, paid Dion before he paid himself, and may have had his own money at risk for the entire venture.

Given Dion's personality, he should be grateful he had "bosses" all his life.

Quentin Macmanus, M.D.