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GM head sure doesn't get communism!

December 19, 2012 12:10 am

GM head sure doesn't get communism!

While watching the news the other day, a brief notice came across the screen attributed to Jeff Immelt, head honcho of General Electric and prime pal of the president: Says he, reportedly: "State-run communism actually can work," or something to that effect.

A blooper of cosmic proportions, to say the least! Immelt does not know what he is talking about--not having had the misfortune to see communism in action, as I did.

Immelt gives China as example of the stated nonsense. He may not know, I believe, that China's economic success is precisely due to its mostly abandoning Marxist tenets a generation ago.

The present economic climate in China is closer to Putin's Russia rather than that of such stalwart communist/Marxixt paragons like Cuba or North Korea. Immelt should read up some on the "successes" of communist regimes of yore before uttering unmitigated nonsense.

George J. Vanek


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