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Our 'mega' project? State Route 3 west

Date published: 12/19/2012

Our 'mega' project? State Route 3 west

In the 1930s, the Empire State Building (then the world's tallest skyscraper) was built in 15 months. In the 1940s, the Pentagon (still the largest office building) was built in 16 months.

During trips to Charlottesville, I am fortunate to witness the progress of an equally impressive construction project in Spotsylvania: the widening of a one-mile stretch of State Route 3!

When the Route 3 work is completed, I envision a big ceremony and a special guest of honor to cut a ribbon that spans the six lanes.

Perhaps Spotsy officials will invite President Hillary Clinton--assuming she is elected to a second term--to do the honors.

Pete Duffy

King George