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PeeWee was unique

Date published: 12/20/2012

PeeWee was unique

I enjoyed the coverage of "PeeWee" Atwell's passing ["'PeeWee' leaves an oversize fan base," Dec. 8]. PeeWee was a special character in a town of many characters. He had his challenges in life and those who didn't take the time to get to know this gentle man, would look the other way or move to another booth in Lenny's. Those who did know him enjoyed his wisdom and humor.

PeeWee had a collection of hats, of which one could only marvel. And even though he had his favorite tricycle, he seemed to have enough bicycles and tricycles for a rental shop. It didn't seem to bother him if he had a flat tire, because he would fix that when he got home.

He had a clothing style all his own, though probably not a trendsetter. One would have to wonder where he got his collections of jackets, shirts, boots, head lamps, and embellishments. His was a unique art of putting all his clothing and accessories together for a day of socializing or fixing a lawnmower.

There is a wonderful collection of pictures of some of PeeWee's fashion statements at the Tattle Tale's Coffee Shop on Washington Avenue in Colonial Beach. It is worth seeing. No two outfits are alike.

Peter Fahrney

Colonial Beach