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Defense of innocent begins in the womb

Date published: 12/20/2012

Defense of innocent begins in the womb

Words cannot describe the depth of tragedy and sorrow that relate to the events in Newtown, Conn. It was an abhorrent manifestation of a sick and twisted mind. The president was quick to make public comment. But I ask this of the president: Spare me the crocodile tears.

In his most hypocritical moment to date, the president fails to confess that he is, as much as or more than anyone, a contributor to the culture of death that grips our country. This heartbreaking event was simply a symptom.

The president comments publicly on the public tragedy of the 20 lives cut short. Yet he supports and encourages the 3,000 daily deaths of the country's most innocent and defenseless citizens, unborn children. The president will, no doubt, capitalize on the massacre to further his push for gun control. Yet he supports a bill to not only encourage more murder through abortion, but force others to fund his malicious intent, stepping on the Constitution in the process.

The gap between the idea and the commitment of taking a human life has significantly narrowed as a direct result of the devaluation of human life--confirmed by the more than 1 million innocent lives taken each year in the United States with the hearty and full support of the president.

So, Mr. President, if you are a man, if you want to fulfill your vow to "stop the killing," do not waste effort on an attempt to further limit the constitutional rights of American citizens with gun control, but try instead to increase the value of human life through the defense of our most innocent children--a defense of the right to life, guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence.

Mark Rousseau