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In shock at the news, I was helped by others

Date published: 12/20/2012

In shock at the news, I was helped by others

Late in the day of Dec. 14, after a morning and early afternoon of community services, I left Caroline County and drove to King George County to shop. I had not watched television or read the newspaper, so I turned my car radio on while en route to the store.

It was then that I heard 20 young children had been shot in a school in Connecticut. For more than 55 years I have taught and worked with children in public schools, in church and vacation Bible schools, in Girl Scouts, and in other agencies in the various communities in which I have been privileged to live. So I was distraught, devastated, and overwhelmed by what had happened to these dear little ones in what should have been a safe harbor.

Weeping and a bit disoriented, I parked my car and proceeded to enter a familiar shop. Immediately, a gentleman and his wife, unknown to me, saw my distress and embraced me. The two of them prayed with me and remained until I regained my sense of balance.

I write to thank them for their kindness and acts of comfort to me in a time of personal need.

Cleo Coleman

Port Royal