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Post more security in vulnerable places

Date published: 12/20/2012

Post more security in vulnerable places

Regarding the Newtown shooting and calls for more gun control: I suggest that security be enhanced for any public "gun-free zone," including shopping malls.

Enhanced security includes hardening the perimeter of the facility (bulletproof glass, lockable doors) and incorporation of armed police officers--as Stafford does--or others (teachers, principals, etc.) into the plan, much as the federal government does. Military bases, CIA, Capitol Hill--all have a hardened perimeter, armed guards, and controlled access.

You never hear of shootings at police stations.

Where were the law-enforcement officers to arrest the perpetrator? As soon as he walked onto school property with guns and ammo, he committed several serious felonies.

We don't need more gun control. We need stronger enforcement of existing laws when crimes are committed.

I.B. Littlejohn