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Teen guilty in attack on couple
Stafford youth, 18, is third teen convicted in Staford home-invasion robbery

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Date published: 12/20/2012


A third Stafford teenager has been convicted in connection with a vicious June 19 home-invasion robbery during which two of them were stabbed.

Terry Adolfo Welch III, 18, pleaded guilty to multiple charges in Stafford Circuit Court on Wednesday, including two counts of robbery and two counts of abduction for pecuniary benefit. Welch will face the possibility of multiple life sentences when he is sentenced March 1.

Welch and two younger teens, Robert D. Cox III and Michael North, broke into a home at 37 Everglades Lane in Widewater Village early June 19 and tormented a married couple for about an hour. The incident finally ended when the husband, James Newman, got hold of a knife and fought back against his attackers.

Cox was seriously injured and North was also cut. Both were arrested that morning after being treated for their wounds. North and Cox, both 17, were tried as adults and are awaiting sentencing for their crimes.

North turned himself in several days later. He was the only one of the three who police say didn't confess.

Commonwealth's Attorney Eric Olsen said that Welch rang Newman's doorbell about 1 a.m. that day. By the time Newman got downstairs, the three masked intruders were already in the home.

Armed with knives they'd gotten from the home, the teens beat and cursed Newman and put his wife in a headlock while threatening to cut her. They eventually put the couple in a closet, and one of them stood guard while the others plundered and ransacked the house.

Newman was hit and threatened repeatedly during the ordeal, and his wife was called derogatory names and had her glasses knocked off.

The teens stacked up items to steal and helped themselves to the Newmans' refrigerator. After about an hour, Newman was able to get a knife and fight back.

Welch and the injured suspects fled, and Deputy Dimas Pinzon found Cox on the ground moaning, "help me, help me." Olsen said Pinzon gave emergency treatment to the wounded teen, possibly saving his life.

Cox and North also confessed to two similar home-invasion robberies that occurred on May 21, one in Stafford and one in Spotsylvania. They already have been convicted in Spotsylvania; no charges have been filed in the second Stafford case.

Welch was in jail on May 21, and had been out only a short time prior to the Newman robbery.

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