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User-friendly home is welcome Christmas gift
New, convenient home is great Christmas gift for man in a wheelchair.

 The concrete-filled Styrofoam forms, plus drywall, create foot-thick walls that help maintain interior temperatures.
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Date published: 12/21/2012


Just in time for Christmas, Peter Terczak will move into his new Caroline County home, and after 20 years in his old single-wide trailer, moving day couldn't come too soon.

He'll become the owner of a comfortable, insulated concrete form house built by G.H. Watts Construction of Bowling Green.

Terczak and his brother, Frank, will call the place home. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and 2,200 square feet of living space on a single, barrier-free level.

The barrier-free part is particularly important to Peter Terczak, who has been rolling himself around in a wheelchair for the past 37 years. Back in 1975, when he was 16 and at Gar-Field High School in Prince William County, the athletic Terczak took an unfortunate tumble on his head while doing some flips in gym class, which crushed his spinal cord and cost him the use of his legs.

Twenty years ago, looking to get away from busy Prince William County, he found a secluded 2.3-acre lot off Tanglewood Road in northern Caroline County and put the single-wide on it. It wasn't the easiest place to move around in, and getting to and from his car involved using a fairly steep ramp.

Last spring he decided it was time to figure out what to do about his future. He and his brother looked at some houses in the area but could find nothing that was both decent and affordable, let alone that would be any easier for him to use.

But a couple of times they'd driven by a house going up with a G.H. Watts Construction sign out front.

"The thing was I didn't want to wait for a house to be built. I wanted to move right away," he said. "But I was surprised at how fast they were building that house."

On Aug. 12--a date Terczak won't forget--he made the call to G.H. Watts, and owner Gary Watts answered the phone. They discussed the situation and what Terczak needed, and Watts immediately committed to making Terczak's dream come true.

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