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In-depth training must precede gun ownership

December 21, 2012 12:10 am

In-depth training must precede gun ownership

A former Marine, I have had extensive combat-weapon training. I also grew up shooting in controlled-environment clubs. I have always been an advocate for Second Amendment rights.

The truth is, there needs to be more in-depth training in weapon handling and safety before buying and carrying firearms. The vast majority of "concealed carry" and openly armed citizens are a liability. Just because you go through a daylong course doesn't mean you can problem-solve an active shooter in a disrupted, dangerous environment. You must understand advanced applications under stress.

If we are to argue the Second Amendment's validity about arming a militia, shouldn't said militia be well-trained as well as regulated? I think we've perverted the Second Amendment when people with no weapon training whatsoever can buy firearms at Walmart.

Something has to change.

Chip Ellis


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