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Can we climb out of this evil abyss? page 2
Donnie Johnston's column: America needs to confront our epidemic of senseless violence

 Wooden angels are part of a memorial to victims in Newtown, Conn.
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Date published: 12/22/2012


Of course, some are going to say that the shooter was sick. In fact, if the gunman had lived, he probably would have copped an insanity plea.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sick and tired of hearing that these guys are sick--and that goes for the military and the police, too. People who shoot up movie theaters, colleges, malls, churches, political rallies and elementary schools are evil.

Law enforcement officers who want to kill and eat people and soldiers who go out in the middle of the night and murder women and children are evil.

How did we fall into this evil abyss?

There is no one answer, but the breakdown of morals and the family has had a lot to do with it.

And there is the fact that we have a legal system that prevents parents from making their children mind.

These senseless killings have almost become a game. How many people can I kill in order to become infamous and get the media's attention?

How do we defend ourselves? Increase security? What are we going to do, post the National Guard in front of every door of every school, church and mall in the United States?

If we outlaw guns, these purveyors of evil will just steal them or devise other means of mass destruction.

Governments may tighten gun laws, but they can't legislate an end to evil.

America seems intent on telling the world to live as we do. But we're not a good example to follow these days.

Before we go trying to straighten out the rest of the world, we'd better start straightening ourselves out.

As we enter this season of peace, we might be well served to pray for divine intervention to help overcome the evil that now grips our country.

Mass murdering your own people--especially children--is nothing less than barbaric. And these days we seem to perform that evil ritual on too regular a basis.

Donnie Johnston:
Email: djohnston@freelancestar.com

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