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Speedway will benefit Spotsy in the long run

Date published: 12/23/2012

Speedway will benefit Spotsy in the long run

While I enjoy the rural feel and setting that the area I live in provides, I realize that progress and development are inevitable and required ["Group opposes speedway move," Dec. 7].

I remember the argument years ago when Luck Stone proposed a quarry off U.S. Route 1 near Massaponax High School. It was said that truck traffic from the quarry combined with young, inexperienced high school drivers was a recipe for disaster.

Several years on, I do not recall mass carnage on that stretch of Route 1, and the county did its job in regulating traffic. While economic issues slowed the quarry's operation, Luck Stone is a benefit for the county. The same can be said for Old Dominion Speedway. Those opposed will claim "the sky will fall," but I believe their claims will be unfounded.

Among the benefits is that the proposed site for the speedway sits in an ideal location relative to Interstate 95. Traffic from outside the area will have excellent access. Businesses in Thornburg will see immediate benefit from development of the site and the final product.

My experience with motorsports, as hobby participant and spectator, is that most events are held at a time when rush hour has been over for some time and schools have long since sent their children home.

As for noise, I am familiar with several area motorsport facilities and the level and duration of the noise pales in comparison to the endless drone that I-95 regularly produces. What economic benefit do the vehicles traveling through Spotsylvania provide versus potential from the patrons of the proposed Old Dominion Speedway?

With other options for this site being redundant shopping centers or housing, it is apparent that the land will be developed eventually. This is an opportunity to obtain an attraction and economic engine for this part of the county. There will always be opposition, be it a Walmart or a race track. This development will benefit Thornburg and Spotsylvania.

Michael B. Snow