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Pets up for Adoption

December 24, 2012 12:10 am

The following pets are among those available for adoption at Fredericksburg-area animal shelters:



Bruno, hound mix, 7 years old, neutered male, good friend

Cutie, gray and white cat, 4 years old, spayed female, beautiful

Fuzzy, Great Dane-boxer, 6 years old, neutered male, blind

Journey, black and white cat, spayed, 7 years old, good companion

Jubie, tabby cat, 2 years old, spayed, playful

Lucy, collie mix, 3 years old, spayed, very sweet

Maggie, pit bull mix, 3 years old, spayed, deaf

Melrose, black cat, 3 years old, spayed, entertaining

Shorty, beagle, 6 years old, neutered, handsome

(Open house first Saturday of each month at PetSmart, Central Park; second Saturday at Petco, Plank Road; third Saturday at PetSmart, South Gateway Drive; and fourth Saturday at Petco, Worth Avenue, Stafford.)


540/658-7387;; look for link to Animal Control Department. From there, click on Adopting an Animal.

Hugo, pit bull-American bulldog, male, white

Pike, pit bull, male, black and white

Kira, Labrador mix, female, black and white

Scottie, pit bull, male, black and white

Josie, hound mix, female, tan and white

Zoey, shepherd-collie-hound, female, tan and white

Petey, pit bull mix, male, white with black spots

Tiana, hound mix, spayed female, white with brown spots

Cats and kittens also available.



Blue, pit bull, neutered, 2 years old, loving and obedient

Nate, Walker hound, 3 years old, male, very affectionate

Brandy, plott hound, 3 years old, spayed, full of energy

Quinn, Maine Coon mix, 1 year old, spayed, loves to play

O'rion, Maine Coon mix, 1 year old, neutered, feisty

Ninja, longhair cat, 4 years old, neutered, beautiful coat

Max, Labrador retriever-hound, neutered, 5 years old, loves kids

Layla, spaniel-chocolate Labrador retriever, 3 years old, female

Sebastian, medium-coat cat, neutered, 1 year old, tuxedo coat



Sammy, plott hound, spayed female, black and brown brindle

Happy, rottweiler mix, male, black and tan

Dahlia, Labrador mix, female, black

Shepherd mix, female, tan with black tips on fur

Rottweiler, male, black and tan

Hound, male, white and tan

Plott hound, female, black brindle

Mack, American bull dog, male, white with brindle spots

Rottweiler-shepherd, male, black and tan

Hound-shepherd, female, black and tan with white chest

Cats and kittens also available.

ADVOCATS INC. (Spotsylvania County Feline Rescue Group)


Cockteil, shorthair tabby cat, adult female, Manx mix, quiet

Chloe, shorthair female cat, loving

Joey, shorthair male kitten, orange tabby, active, playful

Brooke, shorthair kitten, female, white with black spots, adorable

Ms. Penny, shorthair Calico adult female, quiet

Polly, shorthair female kitten, black/white tuxedo, affectionate

Crickett, shorthair female kitten, brown tabby, shy

Lots of kittens available

(Adoption events are held at Petco and PetSmart. Event schedule on website.)



Kong, Labrador-pit bull, brindle, adult male, smart, loves fetch

Tommy, Labrador mix, 3 years old, male, black and white, handsome

Yellow Labrador-shepherd, adult male, tan and black, playful, fun

Labrador mix, adult male, black and white, loves attention

Labrador mix, adult male, black, relaxed, will sit for treats

Husky-pointer, adult female, chocolate and white, one blue eye

Pit bull mix, adult female, white, energetic, loves attention

Pit bull mix, adult female, blue and white, gorgeous, obedient

Cattle dog mix, adult female, brown brindle, owner died, needs TLC

Cats, longhairs, shorthairs, tabbies and calicos available



Pacific, medium-coat adult cat, spayed female, black and white

Lilly, shorthair kitten, spayed female, calico tabby

Nevea, shorthair kitten, spayed, gray

The Rock, shorthair cat, neutered adult male, orange

Baby, shorthair kitten, 8 months old, spayed, black and tan tabby

Mew Mew, medium-coat adult cat, spayed female, orange tabby

Silly, medium-coat cat, adult male, neutered, black and white

Hobo, shorthair cat, young, neutered, black

Amber, Labrador retriever mix, adult, spayed female, tan

Asheville, beagle, 5 years old, neutered, brown, black and white

Daphne, pit bull terrier, 2 years old, spayed, black and white, no cats

Dilly, shepherd mix, 8 years old, spayed, brown, special needs

Ivy, pit bull terrier, 1 year old, spayed female, white

Pamela, plott hound mix, 2 years old, spayed female, brindle

Stocking, boxer mix, neutered male, 3 years old, black and white

Twister, foxhound, neutered male, young, brown, black and white



McPadden, Siberian husky, 2 years old, male, red/white, comedian

Nicholas, Siberian husky, 1 year old, male, black/white, affectionate

Lai, Siberian husky, 2 years old, female, gray and white, diva

Emy, Siberian husky, 3 years old, female, black and white, grieving

Srini, Siberian husky, 3 years old, female, black and white, snuggler

Beav, shorthair kitten, 9 months old, male, gray tabby, precious

Simone, shorthair kitten, 9 months old, male, brown tabby, inquisitive

Judy, shorthair kitten, 10 months old, female, calico, acrobat

Debra, shorthair cat, 1 year old, female, tortoiseshell, confident

Dowdy, shorthair cat, 1 year old, male, black tabby, brainy

(Pet Harbor Rescue and Referral is a Siberian husky and cat rescue. Adoption events are held at Massaponax PetSmart.)

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