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Spotsy cronyism in Cole case shreds state norms

Date published: 12/25/2012

Spotsy cronyism in Cole case shreds state norms

Well, I guess it's pretty obvious why the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors felt compelled to start hiring county staff directly--so the supervisors could reward their political buddies ["Spotsy board hires Cole," Dec. 12]!

As a taxpayer I find it very disturbing that the board believes it is OK to hire an employee for a key position who plans on being a part-time employee--he will be gone at least 25 percent of the time for the General Assembly--for no other apparent reason than he is a political crony of theirs.

One of the hallmarks of local government in Virginia is the ability to deliver services to the taxpayers relatively free of political influence. This board seems determined to undermine that and to place politics above good governance.

Richard Daley must be very proud!

Carl Maurice