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No, Akers, GOP is so proud--of its misrule

December 26, 2012 12:10 am

Regarding Paul Akers' commentary, "What happened to America's prejudice for pride?" [Nov. 30]: GOP pride is unbridled and without horse sense!

The GOP proudly enacted voter-suppression laws, proudly denigrated 47 percent of Americans, proudly achieved a Tea Party downgrade, and intransigent Republicans proudly obstructed the democratic process, thwarting President Obama's economic recovery.

Akers calls Obama's re-election, "deeply disturbing," juxtaposed by Republicans proudly re-electing Bush without trepidation for past incompetence.

Bush proudly took from Clinton a nation at peace, with record prosperity, which enabled paying down the debt. He returned a nation at war with a record recession, a nation bank-rupt from economic and financial malfeasance, with enormous debt and deficits from $15 trillion in Bush liabilities unsupported by revenue.

For years Republicans proudly signed the Norquist Tax Ban Treaty, pledging allegiance to lobbyist first, country second. Without Clinton oversight, Republicans proudly joined with Bush for trillions in record spending. Instead of increasing revenue to pay for their spending, they inexplicably cut $4 trillion in revenue via tax cuts.

Republicans also inexplicably added a $7 trillion drug plan to already unaffordable Medicare costs, a drug plan written with lucrative benefits not for patients, but for the drug industry.

These astute Republicans have proudly declared that "Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem." The solution proffered by proud deficit-spender Paul Ryan to reduce his trillions in deficit spending is more tax cuts favoring the wealthy, while proudly slashing hundreds of billions from Medicare benefits to offset tax cuts.

If only Republicans had signed a Treaty Banning Deficit Spending and Tax Cuts, the debt would be zero and we all could be proud.

Robert Jordan


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